I'm sure a lot of you on this wiki know (or knew) Thebiguglyalien, also known as BUA, Tuba, and that "annoyingly funny guy". Well, okay, he wasn't really that annoying. Except when he wanted to be. And his stories were hilariously random. He was awesome at driving you crazy and making you laugh so hard you couldn't breath.

He quit wikia awhile ago, which saddened quite a lot of us, but made some of the more cold-hearted people happy. I didn't think of writing a blog in his honor until now (yes, I know). But anyways. BUA was extremely irritating at times, hilarious, and very very interesting. He was also fond of referring to himself as an "it", but I'm 99% sure that he's a guy.

I'm pretty sure that if he knew I wrote this blog, he would throw a rotten fish at me. But then again, you never know what he'd do, so... Anyways, I hope he knows that wherever he is, there are people who will never forget him (okay, maybe I'll forget him in 50 years, but that's besides the point!).

Okay, scratch that. BUA's still alive! :D *just found out*

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