General Info

Hola, amigos (and amigas)~! I'm starting a collab/series called School of Secrets. 'Tis about a group of kids who go to a school for teenage spies. More info will come later. I'm looking for about four other users to join. Comment in the description if you want to join~! Members of Collab:

  1. ~Angel Wings~
  2. Cello freak
  3. Thepersonyouleastexpect
  4. Karikamiya
  5. Moodle


Ok, so can all the current members of the collab please make two characters? We need 6 girls and 4 boys. After you make your characters, choose one to be a main character. That way, we'll end up with 5 main characters and 5 supporting characters.

List of Characters

1. Adeline Kinge-Angel (Main)

2. Jacqueline Blanchefleur-Angel

3. Arash Gallagher-Cello freak (Main)

4. Katy Vegas-Karikamiya

5. Summer Ochoa-TPYLE (Main)

6. Will Clarke-TPYLE

7. Michael Jones-Moodle

8. Armando Elias-Cello freak

9. Katherine Alexia-Karikamiya

10. Kurt von Rothstein-Moodle

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