As everyone is aware, the year of 2011 is quickly drawing to a close. Here's what we want everyone to do:

We want you (yes, you) to tell us which users were the brightest stars of 2011. Who was the most helpful? Who was the most creative? Etc.

However, you can only nominate one user. A user cannot be nominated more than once. There will be more than one user featured on the homepage as a wiki star of 2011. If it comes to it, all active users may be featured. But before we can get to that, the users need to be nominated.

Comment on the blog with the following form filled out:

Your Username:
User You're Nominating:
Reason You're Nominating Them (please give a reason - only putting 'because she's awesome' is not a good enough reason):

Deadline for nominations is January 10th. Tell us who you think shone the brightest in 2011!

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