December has just begun, and a lot of new events and updates are ongoing!

Secret Santa

Creativity Unleashed wiki's first annual Secret Santa has begun! Sign up as an elf, a child, a volunteer, or all three and spread the holiday cheer! Remember, all forms must be sent in by December 13th! For more information on the Secret Santa, go here.


As some of you have noticed, several new forums have been set up. Here is a general overview of them:

  • Forum:Events: This is your destination for a list of past and ongoing events on the wiki.
  • Forum:Plot Doctoring: Can't think of an explanation for your character's phobia of lint, or need a name for you character's third uncle? Look no further for solutions to your plot problems!
  • Forum:Reference Desk: Need help with facts, details, or figures? This is the place to go!
  • Forum:Adoption: This forum has actually been lying around gathering dust for awhile, but it's been given a revamp. Stop by and put unwanted characters/stories/plot ideas/etc. up for adoption, or adopt something!

Monthly One-shot Contest

The winner of November's monthly one-shot contest is Beginning Again by Flamefang! Let's give a big round of applause to the winner and all participants. The topic for December's monthly one-shot contest is winter. Go here for more details.

Featured User and Article

Congratulations to KittyInASheepsClothes, the featured user of December, and 4:14 AM by Nhlott, the featured article of December!

Main Page Revamp

We are looking for some users to help revamp the main page. Please comment below if you're interested in helping. Volunteers must have a basic knowledge of coding and enough spare time to dedicate to fixing up the main page.

The Epic Reviews

Do you want to have your story or poem reviewed? Look no further than The Epic Reviews! For more information about it, go here. Interested in reviewing? Leave a comment saying when you're available, and we'll plan an information session. For those users already reviewing, please also leave a comment saying when you're available, as we need to organize a meeting to discuss The Epic Reviews.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Hope you get lots of eggnog/gingerbread/etc.! On another note, CU is as of now, 9 months old. Only 3 months to go before the wiki's one-year anniversary!

Do you have a question, suggestion, or concern? Feel free to post it in the comments.

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