Hello. If you're reading this leave a message after the beep. Beeep..........

Ha Ha. Just Kidding. Anyway, my name is Robyn Amelia Smith Carter. I'm a lot different from other average teenage girls.

One, I'm a dhampyr; a vampire human hybrid. Two, I have strange people in suits chasing me called Slayers.

Slayers are a elite group of human and hybrids who HATE dhampyrs and uses their "special abilites" put into them by scientists.

Now I have to trust my instincsts and protect my friends and family.

Chapter 1Edit

A 6yr old girl was running. Barely aware of the earth beneath her feet or the roof of trees above, she paid no mind to what she ran into, or that her clothes, a hospital gown, tore on brambles and bushes. She didn't even care that her bare feet, catching roots or stones,kept causing her to fall. Each time she picked herself up and rushed on panting, crying.

She started to slow down and catch her breath when she jumped 5 feet to a tree branch as a huge rock fell.

A man reached for the girl with arms covered with curls of white fur. His eyes glowed red and spewed fire.

She leaped to the ground but when she moved, she felt something sharp go into my heart.

She fell slowly from a long way up.

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