Victor Di Morte
Murder Expert
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth June 21st, 1443
Current age 446
Gender Male
Family Felson Svenson (Brother)

Sven Gilbrukson (Father)

Desdemona Di Morte (Wife)

Status Immortal
Eye Color Grey - Red
Hair Color Black
Height 6' 1"
Alias Many
Affiliation Himself

Tenebrae Equitum

Weapons Powers

Steel Sword

Species Vampire
Home Mobile - Currently: London, England
Appearances None


Birth and the Middle AgesEdit

Behmen Svenson was born to a Norse-Welsh family. Behmen's father was a former Crusader, who fought in the Hussite Wars with his brothers.

  • Victor and his wife, Desdemona
  • Victor and his young assistant, Lucia Darkwood
  • Victor and an older Lucia
  • When Victor is thirsty, angry or in use of his powers, his eyes turn red and he has a darker hue to his appearance

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