Have you ever felt the darkness

That follows sinners during the day

The insanity and madness

Of being alive but being dead

Have you felt like you were falling

Into a dangerous pit with spikes

Your shrill scream of terror is never heard

And your pierced lone body never found

Or have you battled those demons

Inside you?

Have you defeated each one by one

Had they been angry, had you been scared?

Tell me the story o young one.

"Yes I've been scared,

Yes they've been angry

But I slashed though them with my sword


Because I believe it's better dying trying

Than dying with trying at all."

And hath you defeated them

Have they heeled at your feet?

Has their devilish eyes faced defeat?

"Yes they have, and to this day

I whip them throughly everyday

Because I know if I let them rule

I won't be the one to live

And victory will be on their side now."

Author's Note:Edit

This is my entry for the April ISC. I said it was going to be a story, but then, what the hell it turned out very badly. It wasn't worth submitting in this time, so I guess it's a poem this time. By the way, I've fallen really sick, so after this I'll kinda be out of loop for a while. Thanks~

- DraculaFan

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