What's best?

For both of us...

Do you know?

If you don't,

Let me guess for you

What's best

For the two of us

Is to stop

Just stop

Every time we speak

One or the other ends up getting hurt

So why do we still feel compelled to hear eachother's voices?

You're busy

I can tell

Why would you even have time for me?

I can understand if you don't

Who would WANT to talk to me?

So it's best

That you ignore me

That you don't talk to me

Even though by doing this

I'm going through hell and back

But I've already seemed to have made that journey a million times

Instead of making me hate you

Why don't you make me forget

I don't want to

But think about

What's best

For you

For me

For him

For everyone

To forget that I ever said hi

Forget that I ever saw you

So now

Let's start with goodbyes

Is that good enough?

This is how it should end, isn't it?

With a goodbye?

Like usual

But don't cry

Because remember

We're doing

What's best

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