What's so funny?
What is it you laugh at?
Is it the bunny made of cheese?
Or the guy being stung by purple bees?

What's so funny?
Why won't you tell me?
Is it the monkey that smells weird?
Or the apple that has a beard?

What's so funny?
Just tell me what's so funny!
Is it the pants that can talk?
Or the rat made of chalk?

What's so funny?
I want to know!
Is it the pig that can fly?
Or the the cat screaming "WHY?"

What's so funny?
Just tell me already!
Is it the horse that is orange?
Or ... nothing rhymes with orange.

What's so funny?
I want to know what you're laughing at!
Is it the gun that shoots rubber ducks?
Or is it the man who eats hockey pucks?

That explains it!
Why didn't you say so?
Now my face, I do not want to show.

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