Friends are the ones you can trust,

The ones you can tell your secrets safely,

Friends aren't what we think they are,

They are something like angels,

Something like gods,

They aren't you,

They aren't me,

They are something I can never find,

Maybe I had one or two once,

But not anymore,

Not anymore,

Friend are your guardians,

Friends are the ones you can freely hug,

They are the ones who aren't disgusted,

By anything you do,

I don't have friends,

Not anymore anyway,

Because of someone,

Someone who ruined my life,

And I won't tell you,


Or her,

Who it was,

I will tell it to a friend,

A friend,

If I'll ever have one,

That someone,

That some one is him,

The one who I hate and will always do,

I will hate him forever,

Forever and ever,



This is another story.

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