What I believe is very accurate,

And contans lots of memory, too

There are houses and people and animals too

There are big apples, and small too

There might be a sick person, one or two

Or a rabbit being eaten

By a hungry wolf.

There might be goats grazing in the Sun

They might die when they're born

We are a myth of victory and pain,

So listen in vain

As I tell you this fame.

I was never welcome on Earth,

They are always out to get me,

They believe I'm not right

But I'm wrong

They're just selfish animals,

Fighting for dominance.

We dominate the land and we kill to survive,

We are animals that are a scare to the wild,

We have a sick taste of fun,

And will be eaten by a lion,

Looking for the Sun.

When we were born,

We had nothing to burn,

We had nothing to eat

And no sleep.

We were restless and stupid

Could not read nor write.

We were like cats on a wire of electricity,

Ether falling down or being burned by shock,

We were dyeing,

And soon became a mock.

We were scarce and we could not survive.

It was cold and we pleaded the sun to come help us grow up.

We were dying,

But there was no thing such as love,

For our King was cruel,

And selfishly, seemed.

He was urging to kill the sun,

And to let us fall to the dusty ground,

We were turning to ash

Each time we touched ground.

It was as if we had nothing to say,

Or had no right to be free,

From the King,

From the slay.

We were pleading the sun to get back and to save us,

And much to our favor

It came to our save.

We were resting in peace

But our King stood proud.

"There is no God,

Therefore there will be no Sun,"

He took his arrow and bow in his hands

And aimed for the Sun's beautiful eyes

Which gleamed with light and happiness.

He shot and she bled,

And crying with sorrow,

Her body was relieved with power.

She was angry and her head was the only thing left,

Flying of to the sky,

Her red hair on fire.

We never saw our loyal King,

Nor we saw the beautiful Sun,

There her head is burining,

In the cosmas of scare.

We broke up into different religions and cultures

And countries with states,

But I am left alone,

For I am the King.























Author's note:

I found this poem some years ago, and threw it in the Ocean. It was really written in Russian, but I did my best to translated. :) Hope you like it.

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