What Is Loyalty?Edit

(Please note, this is written in Shakespearean sonnet form)Edit

What raging force is known as Loyalty?

Copanionship till death do us apart?

Or is it thy pledge to royalty?

Is it Queen and country that dos't live in thy heart?

What furied scorn does love have o'er companionship?

That turn't mans hearts into devellish agro?

Love will always be the true holy friendship,

Loyalty is the flame of love, a warming glow.

Loyalty is eternal, unbreakable by none,

It hath no limit, 'till death doth claim,

The sepulchral spirit of love is never gone,

'Tis only to be remember'd, forever by one.

Forever loyal, forever loved,

In the tablet of thy heart, forever ungloved.

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