Does giving everything meaning cheapen life, or does giving nothing meaning do so? Do things always need to be dramatic, epic, poignant, bombastic? If the moments that are meaningful stand out because the rest of life isn't so meaningful, how do you choose which moments deserve meaning? Shoukd it be meaningful to everyone or just yourself? Does meaning need to be advertised? If so, how is it still meaningful?

Do the good moments need to be wonderful and the bad ones tragic? When is enough enough? What does meaning mean to me?

Sometimes, it doesn't need to be a grand finalé. It can be a quiet moment, a bit of reflection, a glance, a thought, a word. Life doesn't need a score or lens flares or explosions or close-ups to show when things touch us. Simplicity is a virtue. Things can be simple, and perhaps that's when they're most meaningful.

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