Love: noun /ləv/ An intense feeling of deep affection.

That's what the dictionary says. But the dictionary is wrong.

What is love? Love isn't something that can be touched. But it can be felt. It can be seen. It can be heard.

Love is a mother's lullaby. Love is a sister's embrace. Love is a warm summer evening, gazing up at the stars with your special someone.

Love can be given, and in return, it can be received.

Love is fleeting, love is eternal.

Love is a wonderful feeling, but it is also bittersweet. Love causes happiness, but it also causes pain.

Love is kind, and love is cruel. Love is gentle, and love is harsh.

Love is a powerful motivator. People do great things, and also horrible things, out of love. Love for their country. Love for their family. Love for their friends. Love for their special someone.

Everyone deserves to love, and everyone deserves to be loved.

Where would we be without love? What would happen if we were unable to love? How would we survive without love?

Can you imagine a world without love? Can you imagine being unable to love?

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