He looked at me and I looked at him somehow I can feel my heart beating faster than ever and his eyes sparkles like crazy. I want to tell him what I know that this love is not possible, it is not allowed. The two of us are two young, too naïve to know the consequences.

He put his hand on top of mine and grip it tightly, I jerked away and shook my head. He looks at his feet, clearly disappointed. He knows it as well, that this love is cannot be but he won’t admit it, he will always deny it. He said what matters is what we feel not what others say about us

This is the reason I fall in love with him, his smile so warm and his brown eyes that sparkles every time we started talking. His sweet and his words that always pierce my heart, I love him and that's the only thing that matters. This is not a Juliet and Romeo drama but even so I know that you will protect me when I am in danger and I know that you will always love me even though the situation is out of control.

He tried it once again, he put his hand on top of mine, I smiled at him. Slowly I griped his hand and hold it tightly to my chest and with a smile I released his hand and left him. Because I know that even though I can not talk nor hear he will understand what I want to say.

What matters now is what the two of us feels, today is not the time, not the right place but I know someday, sometime in some place the two of us will meet once again and I will show you that I will fight for my love as you fight for yours but that day is not today, I hope you understand. I love you but I can not fight for you today, maybe someday.

I'm glad you understand that I am not Juliet and you are not Romeo. Thank you for being patient and I will always love you.

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