Spring, starter of all

She flies down from the skies to our Mother Earth. Her hand brushes lightly against the last specs of snow, which after seconds, melts. Her curiosity never stops her, which only makes her keep on going. She pats the dead trees, which, to her surprise, revives them. The girl walks to the garden of flowers, touches them, and revives. She hops into the small puddle the melted snow had made. Time flies, Spring has to go.

Summer, the joy

She jumps down, squealing happily. As she lands, she quickly jumps up to her legs and runs, everything growing when she touches them. She brushes up against everything, but it's still cold. What might it be? she thinks. Looking up, she sees a dull light. Because of her curiosity, she jumps as high as she can and kicks the clouds apart. Sun. It shines down brightly, beaming with joy. Unfortunately, time flies, Summer has to go.

Fall, starter of death

He gloomily, slowly roams the land of Mother Earth. As he walks, everything is dieing. As he walks, trees' leaves turn orange, red, or yellow, and even sometimes fall to the ground. They are dry and could turn into ash by the slightest touch. He does not want to stay. He lets time pass, not bothering to notice how his turn to walk on Earth is gone.

Winter, the joy

He jumps down, with excitement. As he falls to Mother Earth, he slowly get up. Looks around carefully, then runs. He runs freezing everything. Snowflakes fall, filling everything with white puff. What might it be? he thinks. I'll call it snow! He runs farther and farther, then jumps on a river, which turns it to ice. He jumps up and down on the ice, which makes it fatter and fatter. Finally, he stops, and is tired, but still, he still has some time, so he skates on the ice. At last, tired, he falls on the soft pillow or snow. Dozing off, he flies up into the sky. Time flies, his turn is over.

(sorry if it turned out lame. I'm just better at writing poems... lol... still... enjoy~! I wrote this for the November One-Shot Contest wich was made by User: TheReturnOfTheKing)

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