They say that when the clock strikes twelve

In an old abandoned church near the dead-man's lake

The ghosts and phantoms of the place

Wake from their slumbering states

Children, elderly, priests, and women

Roam through the building screaming and screaming

Howls and moans, sobs and rage

A sane man will turn insane

No homeless beggar, no criminal will

Stay at the Church when night begins

I have mistaken the truth for rumors

And decided spend the day with humor

My friend and wife believed like fools

Or so I thought until the clock has turned

The Church was beautiful, a little creepy

Crimson seats with an old bible filled it

An organ that refused to play

I spent with boredom that day

I found all rooms, lit some of the candles

The clock stroke seven - I was getting afraid

I explored a bit more, but my body won't listen

Tense no matter how I tried to relax

I rolled my eyes at my own "demise"

The clock rang eight - I was not as afraid

I found a sleeping place and went to bed

I turned for a while, turned off a candle

I thought I heard whispers, but no, it's imagination

The clock beat nine - I had fallen asleep and had not heard the cute little chirp

The clock struck ten - I was having a dream, about my little children and my dog Bim.

The clock rung eleven - still no response, I turned to the wall and snored and snored

Finally, just before it rung twelve, I felt something nudging me and suddenly fell

I was floating in air, what a strange contradiction - I'm sure I'm no bird - a hallucination?

I opened my eyes, wearily sat up, the clock beat twelve, I was surely surprised

Out of walls, out of the floor, women and children floated like fog

I shook my head and closed my eyes, when I opened them, I was terrified

An old stern man was staring at me, then screamed as if I was killing him

The whole huge church erupted with howls, I covered my ears to no avail

Out of the walls, out of the floor, out of the ceiling, out of the door

Priests, women, children young and old

Filed into the room and screamed all they were worth

It sounds insane, but they attacked me - flew though me and threw books and chairs at me

I stood and ran from the cursed old place, and that is how I learned my place

And I told my children, and grand children, and wife

What happened to me on that night

When the clock struck twelve in an old abandoned church

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