My friends were not who they were supposed to be. Now, they're my worst enemies. Called me names, destroyed my spirit. But I just kept on reading as I stifled a tear. "What's wrong?" one of them asked with a stupid element to his voice. "To stupid to... um... resalutate?" I stared at him. He was being the stupid one. He grabbed my book.

"What are you gonna do now?" he asked. I kneed him in the groin.

"There," I said. "Happy with what happened?" I grabbed back my book.

Another one took my book, and then continued to shred it. "Hah! Now let's see what happens!" she said.

The rage builded inside me. I decided to kick their butts with words. "Think you're so smart, eh? Well, the only stupid people in this world are people like you. Now, see what's happened. You'll have to pay for the same book, plus, I'm not gonna join you guys. So laugh all you want, it's not gonna work. I'm not changing, I am perfectly fine with who I am. Now look in the mirror. You guys, my friends, changed because you didn't wanna look dumb being with the guy with glasses. This is what you asked for, We were born the same; the same blood color, red. But as we grow, we change. When we wanna change, be sure you want to. Or else, you'll end up like what you are now," I said.

"Idiot!" one of them said, and they all ran away, fear in their eyes.

Now, they're back to being my best friends. I guess my little speech worked. They're back and better than ever. Moral of the story? Don't be a stuck-up idiot. Understand?

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