Who Needs Pandas is a stupid poem about pandas. For more information on these weird creatures, go here!

Part 1Edit

"Who Needs Pandas" I ask.
"They give us nothing" I say.
It's true you see,
We don't need pandas.

They are fat and smelly.
They still do everything in black and white!
How primitive they are,
How primitive I say.

All they do is eat and sleep!
Why are they here?
Nobody knows,
And they never will.

Pandas are dumb,
They don't even know how to count to three!
They don't know their ABCs,
And they don't like to watch TV.

Pandas are pointless!
Why are they still here?
I may never know.
I may never know.

Part 2Edit

Pandas are still here?
I thought you'd get rid of them after part one!
Well then,
I guess I'll continue ranting!

Pandas are nothing but trouble!
We do not need them I say!
They give us nothing,
But they are still here!

Pandas are annoying!
Pandas are dumb!
Pandas are crazy!

Why oh why why why?
Why why why?
Why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why?
Why do we need pandas?

We do not need pandas,
But what do we do with them you ask?
I don't know!
You go figure it out!

Part 3Edit

Why are you still reading this?
It is rather pointless.
You should go away!
Don't you have any hobbies?

Maybe you should write a poem about pandas.
Wait, I'm doing that.
Just keep reading.
This is almost over.

Pandas are in the way!
They're evil!
Pandas are too evil for us.

Pandas should be removed!
Pandas are pointless,
Just like this poem.
Let's just get rid of the pandas.

On second thought,
Maybe we shouldn't get rid of the pandas.
Pandas are an endangered species!

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