Who are you?

Who are you to decide what I'm going to do? Why do you always order me around? What am I to you a slave? You do not decide my own faith! Because you're not me! You don't decide what I am! You're not me!

"She's a tomboy that I'm sure of! How can she know a lot about what boys like if she isn't? I mean just look at her! The way she act, the way she speak!" That's what you always say to your friends.You never talk to me so how would you know that I am what you think? I wanna ask you again who are you?

If you can't answer that question then I will. You're just a girl, same age as me. You're the girl who never bother talking to me. You're the girl who watches everything I do then when my back was turn you'll talk about me. You're the girl who always volunteers to be a leader then sit back and do nothing. You smile as you see our group in chaos. You're the girl who blames everything on me just because I'm different.

When are you going to stop? When are you going to realize that what you're doing is wrong? I'll admit it, Iike yugioh so what? My eyes sparkle when I see a gundam but so what? I like pokemon and a lot lot more of the things the boys like so what?

Why? I asked you now. Why do you spread humors about me? Why do you order me around like a slave? Why? Who are you? Answer me. Who are you?

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