The simplest question...


It has no response...


Is it so hard to say something else?


Is it the only thing you can say?

Live your life,

Stop asking why.

But why should I live at all?

You are happy to have your life,

Don't pierce your happiness with that question.

But why should I not die?

Can't you see that you have someone who cares?

Can't you see that death won't solve anything?

Can't you see that you'll break so many hearts,

If you die,

If you ask why?

Why should I live this miserable life?

Why should I see what I don't want to?

Why should I be alone,

In depression,

In misery?

Why, you ask?

Well, because.

Because it's your destiny.

(I wrote this poem for the ones who want to commit suicide and for the ones who already did)

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