My first was HP Wiki.

I loved it from the start.

It taught me things about HP,

that I memorized by heart.

I hadn't known that Harry

was related to You-Know-Who!

And I think that I can bet

Neither did you.

And then I found a wiki

That TOTALLY suited me.

It was Hogwarts Roleplay Wiki,

At the sound of the name,

I knew I had to see.

So I made hundreds of edits there,

And mind you, I still do.

Remember, everything I'm telling

You is true!

An affliate of that wiki

Was called Camp Half-Blood Roleplay

I'd read the Percy Jacksons'

So immediately I was swayed.

Four characters on there I made

And still play as them now

Some are shy and quiet

While one is really LOUD!

So anyways, from there,

I found some users who said

"There's this wiki where creative things are created!"

Can you guess what the name of it was?

Creativity Unleashed!!

With all the cool pages on it,

All I could think was "Yeesh!"

Therefore, this wiki is new for me

But I know I'll post many things quite quickly!!

hi, everyone! I'm Starz and I can't wait to let my Creativity Unleash!!!

Starz File:Star3.gif (Here I Am!) 22:20, May 22, 2011 (UTC)

(I'll upload the picture for my signature later.)

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