A wish.

Something that you want.

Something you can't get.

Something you wish for.

Wish upon a shooting star, wish because it's 11:11. Just choose a wish.

A wish, it's something that you want, something you don't necessarily need, something you can't get, something you'll never get.

So we wish for it.

We hope for it.

We put our trust in it.

Because it's a wish. Nothing bad ever comes out of a wish.

So we sit there, wishing, hoping, dreaming.

I wish I can be the sun light to your day, I wish you feel the same as me.

I wish for world peace, for the end of poverty, of abuse, of all the ugly things in the world.

I hope, therefore I wish.

When you were little, you used to hope you can get something, hope you can get that toy train, that stuffed bunny, that really, really cute puppy at the pet store. And then hopes eventually became wishes. When you were in elementary school, you wished for a lap top, for that certain day to come faster, for him or her to maybe notice you, smile at you, look at you. And then wishes eventually became dreams. When you were in high school, you dream of being the sunlight to his or her day, you dream of world peace, you dream of the end of poverty, of abuse, of all the ugly things in the world. And then you dream to become.

Become something, whatever it is you dream of.

Become an author, an artist, an actress, a world known influential speaker, a person that change the world, a name to go down in history.

And it's because of hopes eventually becoming wishes, of wishes eventually becoming dreams, that we see the world as it is today.

Because sometimes those hopes and wishes and dreams come true, but sometimes, sometimes they don't.

Sometimes those hopes and wishes and dreams turn in to dark, ugly monsters, sometimes they turn in to some weird, horrible emotions.

Self-hatred. Bullying. Killing. Dying.

It's because of those hopes that became wishes, and those wishes that became dreams, and those dreams got trampled on, kicked on, punched on.

Those dreams that got teared apart.

And then there's self-loathing, that ever lasting sensation of what if?, that living with regret.

So I guess, I guess my message to you is this:

Don't just dream. Dream to become, and when you don't, I hope, I most certainly do, that you find enough strength to find a new dream, or to chase after the old one.

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