Wizard Days, is following a man on his adventures as a wizard and warrior. The first book starts off with him in in his days of fighting, when, just then, he his taken away, he is taken away in the blink of an eye, with a giant flash of light. When he arrives he is told it's called, Lateo (Lat-e-oh). He is put into many dangers and obstacles in the first book, of this five part series.


Book 1- Days of Training

Book 2- Magic Killers

Book 3- TBA.

Book 4- TBA

Book 5- TBA


  • Lorem Ipesum- Main character. He is a 14 year old boy, taken away, out of warrior training, to become a mage, something he didn't want, nor, did he want to become, as power would fill him up, of greddiness.
  • Omnium Osure- The villian. He is the leader of everyone he sends to Lorem. Things he is in charge of are, dragons, goblins, minotaurs. He is a god, the god of hate.

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