"Sticks and stones will break my bones, but your words will never hurt me."

I always believed that your words were just words,

But I was always just lying to myself.

Because as you scream those hurtful names,

You have no idea just how I feel.

I feel broken, lost, confused,

Sad, depressed and out of fuse.

I want to scream back at you,

Tell you how I truly feel.

But once again, words are my weakness.

They say words will never hurt you,

Unless you let them.

I try and not let them hurt me,

I truly do.

But sometimes, no always,

It becomes too much.

"Suicidal b*tch!"

"Emo freak."

"Retarded mute."

"Ugly little cutter."

"Go away, we don't want you here."

"Look, little freaks trying to tell us something, how stupid."

"Another idiot, sucks to be us."

I walk each day with my head held high,

I shove past those bullies and smirk back.

I flick the bird and twirl my hair,

I roll my eyes and look away from there.

But inside I'm breaking,

From the very core.

But inside I'm shaking,

Because if this goes on, I will not.

I'm dying inside, and you don't notice. I can't tell you too, because words are my weakness.

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