Sadly enough, these days, your pathetic attempts at half-ass wisdom is what's keeping me going

I deal with the hardships of life solely because of "What would you think of me?"

You hate me, yet I love you

Your battered approval the only thing keeping me alive

I'm dangling by a string in your hand,

And knowing that you're seconds away from letting it go is all that keeps e from hanging myself on it

The sight of me makes you sick, and I should never come around you again

You said so yourself

You caused upheaval among my friend and myself,

And pathetically enough, all I wanted still was to love you

And I know you'll never read this,

You've moved on, and I doubt you care

But the earth itself is telling me,

"Kid, don't let that stoner-ess go..."

Well, my head' begun to pound, and the tears are beginning to stream

so I guess i'll stop it now,

At least 'til walls stop moving.....

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