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Deadly beauty

her heart was cold

behind her white porcelain face;

her hair was silver and her eyes saw gold.

She never aged.

Men loved her frosty snowflake glare,

each had her tattooed in his heart

but she was never there; lost in thin air.

"Wynter, Wynter"; she fell in love

with a man who melted her icy heart.

His wavy blizzard hair and silver eyes

pierced her like a frozen dart.

They were inseparable

they were Robin and Snow

she held him close; "Je t'aime

mon amant beaux".

On silent snowy nights they shared

a single wintry sleepy kiss

and she could ask for nothing more

than to spend eternity in this bliss.

But came February, and she began

to fade away and slowly die-

that Valentine's he spent alone

and could do nothing but cry, and cry, and cry.

Winter kiss

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