I looked at the computer. Looks like I won myself a new kingdom.

I was about to dial Kelly's number. But somehow, it seems she sensed it happening and called me first. "You win this time, Jo," she says to me. "MWAHAHAHA!" was the first thing I said to her."YOU ARE NOW MY LOYAL SERVANT!" "It's just a computer game! Calm down, Jo!" she said to me on the phone. "BOW DOWN TO THE AWESOMENESS THAT IS I, KING OF VEREVEE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND SIMPERVEE!" "CALM DOWN, YOUU DUMB TWIT!" she shouted. "I AM YOUR MASTER! BOW DOWN TO MY AWESOMENESS!" was the last thing I said to her on the phone. She hung up.

The next day, I played it again with her. She overthrew me. Kelly called me again. "BOW DOWN, MY LOYAL SERVANT!" she said to me.

Ever since then, I never played Kingdom Come again.

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