This is for my crush. Love you till God knows when<3 Rose 17:46, June 1, 2011 (UTC)

It was strange, really.

How we met.

You had just came back from the country that had been your home for around 4 years, since you left our school. You moved to a different school here.

My best friend told me that you liked me. I just laughed at it, knowing that she was just joking around. You admitted that you said I was pretty, not that you liked me.

I ignored it, and just laughed.

We got back in touch, we started texting, and we wrote on each other's wall.

Without me knowing, the feeling grew. I realized it one day, when I got jealous of a girl who was close to you. I denied it at first, but accepted it in the end.

Then I met you for the first time in years. You were tall and well.. Cute.

We met for the second time the next week, by coincidence.

I fell deeper for you, without you knowing.

Did you know, that I am always secretly happy when you text me?

That I'm secretly happy to hear people matchmaking us?

I know, 13 is not the age for dating. That is certain.

All I want is to be your best friend. But you're so far away from me.

All I want to be happy is to have you near me.

I love you, J.

I hope you do too, someday when we grow up.

But until then, I'll wait.

I'll wait and see what fate does to the both of us.

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